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How to achieve Google page rank

 The first thing to do to get rated by Google is to submit your website to Google. If you never your site to Google how will Google know that you ever existed. So the first thing is to submit your website to Google.
The second thing is what you cannot control much. It is the competition of the keywords around which your website is designed. For example the keyword "Earn money online" Is a very competitive keyword and there are tens of thousands of websites about it. So if the main keyword of your website is the same then you have to be patient. With time the Google will start respecting you and then it will increase your ranking. I will give you my personal example. My website www.mananatomy.com had a few pages and I hardly got 5 visits per day. Because of my exams and other business I could not add content to my website for about 4 months. So the content and pages of my website remain constant but after all the time has passed and the content and pages constant, today I get more than 150 visits a day. The reason is that as my website is getting older and older Google is increasing its respect and guiding more and more traffic to my website. So there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind to make your website rank high in Google search rank. And you also need to know that time is an important factor and those who say that time does not matter may have not much experience with Google.
The best way to gain a Google page rank is by having your site linked to high page rank sites. It doesn’t matter how many pages your site has indexed in Google , this has no effect on goggles judgment for giving you a page rank.
It doesn’t matter if you have 2000+ links from other sites, if these are low quality sites then you will not receive a page rank. Its all about quality not quantity, have just 10 sites that have a page rank off 5 linking to your site, then your site would have a page rank as well, because these sites have worth in goggles eyes.
My suggestion is to find high page rank sites and add your link to these, anchor link would be best. It is also best to mix the linking pattern up, i.e. forum links, social bookmarks, articles directories.