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Beginning History of SEO

SEO Tutorial
Welcome to the SEO for Beginners Session. Its nice you've got set to find out this on-line technique to earn cash through easy seo method. Well I hope I will make a case for everything terribly clearly. it's sophisticated initially, if you've got not ever used, however once it slow you'll feel everything terribly simple. Please keep it mind, seo could be a easy, simple however time consuming method. Let's begin with this. I assure you that you just can love and you'll be able to do it simply. Here i am going to write everything concerning seo, higher to browse and apply one step daily. the easy steps are included the subsequent

1. you wish an internet site or Blog

2. you wish a Google Adsense Account

3. Understanding of SEO method

4. Add Google Adsence code in your web site

5. Promote your web site

6. Get paid if somebody clicks on your adds.
1st Step Before you start,

You need some perceive regarding seo. pay in this day and age to check the various seo topics that are given during this web site like what's seo, on-page seo, off-page seo, seo tools and different seo topics. move to the house page of this web site and begin learnign totally different topics.

I know, if you're beginners, you'll not perceive clearly what i'm saying, however once you can begin your seo method, it'll be useful for you. thus browse these all topics and take a look at to know the theme.

2nd Step

Now you've got learned that what's seo and have gained some basic seo coaching, we'll proceed any. For this new seo method, you would like your own web site. this can be not a pricey, you'll purchase your domain and hosting package from anywhere. It prices spherical regarding fifteen to twenty US greenbacks per year or Rs. 2000 per year. If you are doing not apprehend what's domain and hosting, you must study this subject what's Domain and Hosting? though you'll purchase your domain and hosting from anywhere, however I recommend the Blue Host. this can be the most effective hosting providing company with best services.

What is Domain and Hosting?

As you recognize, to possess an apparent web content you would like an area to remain. That "place" (web site) we are able to provide a hosting server (which suggests that hosting of net pages) either at no cost or by paying a definite quantity. within the Hosting section I recommend some free and paid plans where your net hosting, and even detailed directions on the way to register for a free server and also the definition of the terms that you simply got to apprehend to decide on with data. On the opposite hand, once we've the area for our web site, guests got to write one thing in their browsers to travel to our new web site. this can be the URL or net address that may be either a website chosen (and paid) for you, for instance www.burjkhalifahtower.com or www.google.com or www.100seotips.com or a subdomain ( The typically free subdomains) that have a rather longer type. we have a tendency to shall then see the way to register a website and additionally the way to relate a website with hosting, etc, etc. merely the domain name may be a web site name and hosting may be a place where this domain name can stick with all of its contents. Now, the opposite question, from where to shop for the domain name and hosting package. If you'll write in Google, it'll show you million of internet sites providing you the most cost effective domain names and hosting package. you'll choose any of them per your alternative. I most use the Blue host company that's world's famous and sensible services supplier. It offers the most cost effective package and unlimited domains and bandwidht. i'm giving the link of Blue Host, you'll visit this and compare its costs.

How To choose a website Name

Google tends to relinquish weight to keywords within the domain name. This will increase the importance of choosing a decent name. When selecting a website name for SEO functions, there are 3 main factors to consider: * complete * Rankability * Linkability complete must you use hyphenated, multi-term domain like search-engine-marketing-services.com? i would avoid such names just like the plague. Why? they need no branding price. they need restricted SEO price. even though you are doing manage to induce such a website high 10, you are likely to want to sell on the primary visit, as few individuals are reaching to recollect it once they leave. it's too generic, and it lacks credibility. during a crowded market, complete offers some extent of distinction. it's easier to create links to branded domain names. individuals take these name a lot of seriously that keyword-keyword-keyword-keyword.com, that appearance spammy and is not fooling anyone. Would you link to such a name? By doing thus, it devalues your own content . It will even tough to induce such domain names linked to once you get the privilege! Directory editors typically reject these names on sight, as a result of such names are typically related to low-quality content. Imagine what number free links you would possibly be losing by selecting such a reputation.


Unless you've got an enormous selling budget, nobody goes to go looking for perseefgxcbtrfy.com, that may be a new killer, complete I simply created up ;)

Thankfully, there's a cheerful medium between complete and SEO strategy.


SEOs unharness the worth of keywords. When naming your web site, and selecting a website name, attempt combining the teachings of SEO, branding and domaining.

Genric + term may be a sensible approach to use. Take your chosen keyword, and easily add another word on the tip. SeoBook, Travelocity, FlightsCity, CarHub, etc. These words have SEO price designed into them, as a result of individuals are forced to use your keywords within the link. Also, Google (currently) values a keyword inside the domain name for ranking functions. Finally, such a reputation retains a part of distinctive branding.

These sorts of domain names score high on the rank-ability and link-ability meter. they're generic enough to rank well for the keyword term, nevertheless contain only enough branding distinction to be memorable.

The SEO Advantage


By registering or shopping for the cheaper .net or .org equivilent, building out the location, and ranking well for the keyword + web, or +org, you increase the worth of the domain name markedly. Sure, you are one step aloof from pure domaineering and you continue to have Google to handle, however you will be head and shoulders on top of those that are undervaluing these names.

A lot of domaineers are not operating during this area.

Other Tips and concepts

Leave The Keyword Out Entirely

Used the connected search operate on Google ~ + keyword and see if any of the connected keyword terms match. this will be a decent strategy to use if all the great generic keyword names are gone. it would get you shut enough to the action, while not the large value tag. may well be a lot of memorable, too.

How To check a website Name For Penalties Before shopping for It
    * Verify the location isn't blocking GoogleBot in their robots.txt file

    * purpose a link at the domain from a trusted web site and see if Google indexes it

    * inside a handful weeks (at most a month) Google ought to list the location once you rummage around for it in Google using


How to Build a website?

To build an online web site doesn't got to learn HTML (the language that websites are made) you'll build a web site while not learning HTML, using publishing programs WYSIWYG websites.

This means "What You See Is What You Get" (What You See Is What You Get) If you recognize the way to use a word processor, of course you'll not have issue in learning to use an online editor of this sort. In WYSIWYG editor simply go plotting your web site and program can automatically produce HTML code for you.

Clear if you would like to be told HTML, you'll additionally modify the code directly using constant program, thus you've got 2 choices. With an online editor to create your {site|website|web web site} additionally includes a program or functions ftp "File Transfer Protocol" (Protocol file transfer) that permits you to place your site net.

You can study a lot of from web site desing page

Formats pictures for websites

When produce pictures to be used on a web site, you are taking into account:

There 2 main formats for pictures on websites



Is a lot of appropriate for pictures containing footage or footage and graphics with a color gradient.


It's higher once you have a emblem with flat colours, while not degradation of colours.

Both compressed image formats ie deleting info redundant to cut back the file size of the image this can be important as a result of terribly giant files would your web content load terribly slow.

When compress the files in these formats employing a graphics program like Photo search or Paint search professional, you the choice to regulate the compression level.

However note that if you place a compression go high or get atiny low file that is incredibly sensible, however the image quality might drop too low. Then you must experiment with totally different compression levels notice the most effective combination of file size and image quality.

Save your web content

Then you have charted your web content editor, you record it with index.html name must always record the most with that name, it ensures that the page can load automatically when somebody enters your web site.

Is also necessary that different pages use the. html extension eg product.html, informacion.html, etc.

PROGRAMS to create an online web site

Some net publishers are widely used:

Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Namo net Editor, web content maker, Expression net and lots of.


This is my favorite and also the favorite of the many different professionals, has several advanced options that build it simple to make skilled websites, however additionally the foremost expensive, well convenience has its value.

You download the complete program as a sound demonstration for thirty days.

In this regard i would like to relinquish a figure, arrange everything 1st can your web site together with some style sketches  write the text that may, build the graphics you would like and puts any footage you're reaching to use, then download Dreamweaver, as a result of once you employ it for the primary time, you thirty days to be told the way to use and build your web site, once this point can stop.

Of you'll not got to pay a cent to create your web site net, well once thirty days is also acceptable buying the program you'll want it for brand spanking new comes or build changes to your web site.

Consider that this program is that the best in its category, ideal if you are doing not apprehend or not have time to be told HTML. is that the one i take advantage of to createmy websites and people of my shoppers.

How to Build Free a web site or Blog?

If you are doing not need pay cash this point, dont worry, there are innumerable services that you simply will use free and earn cash.

1. Blogger

2. Wordpress

3. Free hostings.

You can build your own free blog and promote that blog and place the google adsense on your blog. to create the free blog you would like gmail id. Visit www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.om websites for your free blog

I hope that you simply have perceive clearly what's the keyword and what's importance of keywords in your web site. If you've got any confusion you'll browse the detail of keywords once more.

What are Keywords?

When we say we would like to exit at the highest of Google, we actually mean to go away at the highest when finding out sure words. Those words are what individuals use to find and decision KeywordsOr keywords.

That is:

The Keywords are the words that outline the activity of our web site.

War of Words

When over one page whose activity is outlined by constant keywords as ours, we have a tendency to enter into direct competition for those words.

Therefore, before any action of SEO we have a tendency to develop a method, based mostly on a study of preparation:

    * the primary, developing our list of keywords or sets of keywords natural, merely outline your keywords list having abundant guests and low


    * The second study is to check who is our competitors, taking under consideration that we are able to hardly compete with sure

       pages. we have a tendency to should additionally investigate how the competitors are "attacking" those words. This analysis is done

       manually, by net web site, or employing a tool that automates the work (for example, IBP / Arelis)

    * once we are clear because it stands, we have a tendency to outline a positioning strategy based mostly on what our keywords, and what are the

       keywords of competition, and what opportunities we have a tendency to sense that we've.

Intuition doesn't continually work, however it's necessary to think about when coming up with a method. within the case of this blog, I gave up attacking the word "SEO" or "Google" as a result of the blog is new and there are several competitors (and several of them do fine, most would say are insurmountable, a minimum of for me) .

Finding sensible Keywords

If your main keyword is "bubbling pitch," in all probability have less competition than is "web design". Obvious.

If we have a tendency to believe that competition is tiny, or notice a group of niches that we have a tendency to believe is also of interest, we are able to use the easy observation of the search results to induce a concept where the shots go.

If there's abundant competition for our keywords, we'd like the assistance of some tools that automate the monitoring of results, and different tasks as analysis.

An interesting tool to search out keywords, as its name suggests, Google Keyword Tool. The results provided are based mostly on statistics obtained from your system Google sponsored listings, Google Adwords.


At this point, and to end by nowadays, i feel it's attention-grabbing to introduce a statistical concept regarding Keywords density is understood. The keyword density may be a variety that indicates the number of occurrences of keywords are during a web content regarding the whole volume of words.

Keywords density ought to be calculated by page, and may not be increased so it's artificial. Is ugly, and Google doesn't trust out of the normal densities. we have a tendency to should notice an inexpensive balancing, if in our article on smart Bumblebees word bumblebee doesn't seem or do thus just one occasion, Google are while not "understanding" we have a tendency to are talking regarding bees.

To calculate the keyword density i like to recommend employing a tool for that purpose, like this:

Place a web site

To improve our position, the primary factor to try and do is For a listing of keywords. Then we've to do that Google understands that our very is said to those keywords.

Comprehensive Reforms

For clarification, let's invent a bricklaying company, and also the strategy can specialize in the keywords "comprehensive reform." If Google understands that our speak of "comprehensive reforms" seem in search results for those keywords.

Increase keyword density

In order for Google to appreciate that we have a tendency to are talking regarding "comprehensive reform" we are able to take the subsequent steps:

   * we'll produce the web-site of the corporate a page whose address is: http://www.laempresaquesea.com/reformas-integrales. higher still


      http://www.reformas-integrales.com/reformas-integralesBut that is not continually potential.

    * we'll place the title of that page "comprehensive reform" (the title is that the text that seems within the browser bar.)

    * can "comprehensive reform" rather giant, at the highest of the page, marking it as a header in your HTML code by  tag.

    * Writing a decent text (say one thousand characters or more) of service presentation and clarification of comes and see that it's an acceptable density of our keywords

      by tool for

      calculating keyword density. The text ought to be well structured, with headings and sub-headers.

    * we'll post footage, and HTML description of those keywords will photos

These directions are an oversimplification with regard to. My intention is to know the concept.

Things that ought to not be

When I raise to extend the keyword density, I don't mean to destroy the page, or seem like a stupid parrot. That is, the page mustn't be:

Comprehensive Reform "? Comprehensive service reforms, reforms, comprehensive, integrated what are our reforms, and reforms are our comprehensive! Long live the great reforms. Comprehensive reforms. Reforms. Integral.

We should keep in mind that our indexed pages the search engines, however ultimately the individuals visiting. whereas keyword density is incredibly high, anyone who visits our web site can suppose we have a tendency to are idiots, and don't need to try and do any business with us. And in any case, that's what it's.

On Page Optimization is that the most significant and complicated a part of search engine optimization. This web site helps your search engine ranking through their keywords want. It ought to be kept based mostly on that some nice recommendations on optimizing your web site for articles whereas the page goes.

This web site helps you rank your page or your keywords to extend search engine ranking can depend upon the page of your web site search engine optimization on any reasonably score. it's mainly seen on page factors of your index page, set your keyword rankings.

Page optimization is commonly forgotten currently, as a result of we have a tendency to focus a lot of and inbound links with targeted anchor text to induce a lot of of our time. - Optimization page, however you quickly to try and do one thing yourself an additional boost within the SERPS offers.

There is nice for a listing page SEO technique that search engine optimization is taken into account within the analysis method. Recognizing these factors, however aren't restricted to: words within the web content URL, title tags, meta tags, headlines, sub headlines, keyword density, words begin page, page content, words that are daring up-to-date , words, web site navigation, web site link structure and variety of different reasons.

On page optimization tips:

1. URL Naming:

    If your domain name as potential, try and prime your targeted keywords, if still doesn't embody your keywords within the url.

2. Title Tag:

    Title tag, the primary words that you simply place your keywords Place and once using the word will attract guests

3. Meta Description:

 several search engines use the outline tag at any time, however it's best to line it properly simply in case. place your keywords within the starting

    of the primary meta description and your web site attract guests do yo tour.

4. Meta Keywords:

    Yes several search is not counted meta keywords, however use less engine search engine keyword tags, meta keywords using the search

    engine remains price one thing to possess your web site rank

5. Use Alt Text for Image Optimization:

    Are unable to check pictures for Crawlers. Thus, acceptable displays using Alt tag your content with targeted keywords to optimize the


6. Static URL:

 keep in mind that every one of your necessary pages ought to be short and static URLs.

7. Use Headings:

    H1, h2, and use the h3 title tag to outline their key subject classes, and putting your keywords in vogue a minimum of once a title.

8. Valid HTML:

    Use the W3C HTML validator on your page's HTML is valid. an online page for a lot of HTML errors can produce not rank well in SERPS.

9. Robot. Txt:

      Your web site for search engines with robots.txt file you'll limit access. Check on your web site with robot.txt is apposite crawler

 info is needed.

10. Sitemap XML:

 produce your XML Sitemap XML Sitemap using search engines crawl your pages.

11. Keep Your Body Text To browse

     Use your keywords within the text body, however keep your body text readable. Not in my drywall text keywords you drywall drywall stuff

     by humans till the drywall dry wall is unclear.

12. Internal Link
      Internal link between the development connected posts