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What is Search Engine optimization (SEO) ?

SEO Word means Search Engine OptimizationSeo is a process through which the identity of a site to the search engines.The specific terms of a relationship with the search engines.Seo search engines search through the specific words of the first page of your site so that search.
When you search in Google in any information, I would write a word or name and clicking the search button. It shows you a lot of information on the site. But within the first 10 shows. Who has the most seo, search engine front page shows them.
This is all the seo techniques. It is very easy to be realized. The next chapter teaches you how to do it seo.
Search Engine Optimization is a word with you about how the word into the search engine's homepage .
It is a long-term work seo . It is a lot of work to be carried out gradually.Success will only .
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